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Decorative Leaded Windows

Decorative Leaded Windows
Re-use original leads
We can incorporate leads in new bespoke, replacement timber windows or door, either single glazed or in a double glazed sealed envelope to give extra thermal insulation, security etc. retaining the visual impact of the leaded lights.

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    Decorative Stained Glass

    We are able to replicate many of the original designs using aged lead with soldered joins and an antique patina finish to give an authentic appearance. 

    The leads to the front of this window are on the outside panes whereas the sides are on the inside to maximise effect.

    Examples of our Decorative leads

    Decorative Leaded Windows


    We were very impressed with the quality of the product, attention to detail, authenticity and finish. Leaded lights absolutely superb! Highly recommended 

    Mr Fulton, TW11

    We are absolutely delighted with all of our new doors which are beautiful, fit perfectly and keep the draughts out! We are particularly pleased with the bespoke stained glass – a perfect match for our existing Edwardian window above. Service was exemplary throughout too.

    Ms Eaton, WC1

    Thank you for creating and installing such good quality windows to meet our ever-changing designs. We are very happy with the results and are already recommending you to friends and family.

    Mr Rock, N10

    I had delayed replacing the original windows to my Edwardian house as I feared losing the fine detail and elegance, but The Traditional Window & Conservatory Company were the answer!. They replicated the exact appearance of the original windows–but what an improvement to both the heatand sound insulation!!. I am delighted! The company employees and representative were also polite,helpful and efficient. Thank you.

    Ms Campbell, TW1


    Can you incorporate the original leads into the new replacement windows or doors?

    Yes, we can reuse original leads in your new bespoke, replacement timber windows or doors. This can be done with either single glazing or double-glazed sealed envelope to give extra thermal insulation and security, while retaining the visual impact of the original leaded lights.

    Do you offer decorative stained glass services?

    Yes, we can replicate many original clear glazing designs using aged lead with soldered joins and an antique patina finish to give an authentic appearance.
    Alternatively we can replicate original coloured decorative lead cames and glass quarries.

    Where do you place the leads on the windows?

    For the clear double glazing lead designs, the leads are placed on the outside and inside of the outer pane to maximize effect.

    What does an antique patina finish add to the windows?

    The antique patina finish gives the windows an authentic and traditional appearance, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your property.

    Can you add decorative leads to double glazed windows?

    Yes, we can incorporate leads into a double glazed sealed envelope, providing not just the aesthetic traditional appeal but also improved thermal insulation and security.

    How do you match the design of the original leads?

    We work closely with our clients to replicate the design of the original leads. Our experienced craftsmen can replicate many of the original designs using aged lead with soldered joins.

    Is it possible to have different lead designs on the same window?

    Yes, we can propose/create lead designs or as specified for any to maximise effect and enhance period detail

    Do decorative leads affect the security of my windows?

    No, the addition of decorative leads does not compromise the security of your windows. In fact the original decorative/coloured leads when incorporated into a double-glazed sealed envelope, will enhance security.

    Can I have Decorative Leaded Windows in a conservation area or listed building?

    Yes, we have experience working with Conservation areas and Listed Buildings and can advise on the most appropriate designs and procedures to ensure compliance with regulations.

    How do I maintain Decorative Leaded Windows?

    Decorative Leaded Windows can be maintained in the same way as regular windows. Periodic cleaning with a mild, non-abrasive solution will keep them looking their best. However, it’s important to be gentle with the leaded sections to prevent damage. If the original decorative lead is encased in a double glazed envelope. No maintenance is required.

    Conservation Areas & Listed Buildings

    We are conversant with the requirements for planning and have undertaken many successful Planning applications and where required, successful appeals to The Planning Inspectorate.

    Fensa Building Regulation Certificate of Compliance

    Where applicable for windows and doors we will arrange certification following installation.

    Our Accreditations

    Our Accreditations