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CE Certification

Date Posted: 24 May 2013

CE Marking of Doors and Windows

From July 2013 it will be mandatory in the UK for building products to comply with CE Marking requirements when the current Construction Products Directive is replaced by the Construction Products Regulation. Most external windows and doorsets will need CE Marking and it’s the responsibly of installers, fabricators and suppliers to comply. 

Compliance is already a legal requirement for manufacturers to place their products on the market in some EC countries. From July 2013 manufacturers wishing to export to any Member State will be required to meet the regulations and their products bear the CE mark.

All our Windows and Doors already meet the requirements set by the C E Mark which comes into effect on 1st July 2013. It will be illegal to install Windows and Doors from this date which do not have the C E Mark certification.

CE marking indicates that a product conforms to specific European technical standards known as harmonised European Norms (‘hEN’).

Please see our certificate and declaration of performance.